Best Car For A Rebuild

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I just got some money together and was wondering what was the best model car to start with. I want to rebuild it from the bottom up. It will have a turbo or some sort of forced induction. I was thinkin a 95 four door civic with a b18c1 Or maybe a civic with a H22 or a 2 door accord witha turbo'd h22............what do all the honda enthusiasts say?
LEts see...You want lots of performance, holds 4 people, and you want it simple right??

Hmmm...I don't know I would ask Calesta about his sedan. I think that most people on this forum and those at civicland regard him as the grocery getter king. :D But if he can't help ya...Maybe you should consider just using the search button or reading as much as possible until you find the answers your looking for or atleast a more specific question.

IF all else fails...Buy a CRV. LOL :rolleyes: