better for boost ?

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i've seen that the f22b1 is an exceptional engine for boost and you can get about 230-250 hp @ 8 psi on stock internals ( so i've read ), my friend has a 4gen accord and i plan on getting one too and boost them ( both f22a6 ) ..t3/t4 homemade boost project.., i want to have around 250WHP ( daily driver ), so my questions are, since the f22b1 is so boost friendly because of it's low compression, could i do the same with the f22a6 since they have the same CR and reach my goal with an moderate engine build up ? the engine has high mileage and i doubt the numbers i want can be reached on stock parts so what parts do you suggest for the rebuild to reach that goal ( aftermarket parts or rebuild to oem quality ) ?
theres not too many parts for the f-series motors.

230-250 horse....
swap an h22 in there with i/h/e and a 40 shot :)
I have a f22a6 also and I'm no pro like some of the guys on here but my 2 cents is: if your not going to setup a homeaide boost system; you would be better off doing the h22a swap. new stage 1 turbo on a f22a6 setup vs. h22a, will both get you to the 200 hp mark and cost about the same. I'm still thinking about which way to go as well, good luck.
Get an H23(cheaper than an h22) and boost that shizzy. Just not alot of aftermarket support for it compared to the h22.