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i was looking at the AEM big brakes but they only come in disc. and i have drum brakes in the back i know its possible to convert disc to drum but is it worth the time and money . and if you know of any better brakes do tell me
The AEM kit if for the front, and if you drive a newer (after something like 1986) Honda you have front discs. There are better brake kits some of them are made by and they will fit under 15" rims and come with Wilwood 4 pot calipers. Where the AEM kit cost you your first born child to get 4 pot calipers.
as far as rear's go, i got mine off a jdm civic... the conversion was quite easy. here is a good link about the conversion... note, he did not mention the difficulty of hooking up that damn e-brake... grr, took me 30 mins and 3 bloody knuckles :p

forgot to put the link ;)
There is an article here at HondaSwap about a rear drum to disc conversion. READ IT!