Brand new wings west 88-91 bodykit

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I have a brand new wings west urethane 88-91 crx body kit for sale 350.00 OBO.. paid over 600 plus shipping. (EDIT) sorry it wouldnt let me add crx to the title
damn, good price...

you have all 6 pieces? door caps?

cheapest shipping is greyhound if you guys have bus stations local to you...
Sorry no pics but kit is brand new still has plastic on the 3m adhesive tape, it is urethane and is a 6 six piece kit I am about 15 minutes from allentown Pa zip is 18067 Northampton Pa.
If you would be willing to wait until july 30th it would be sold, and if you could meet me somewhere, i would be willing to drive into PA from winchester virginia, as i get paid on july 29th. The body on my rex is a little rough and i love this kit.
Actually i may be able to get it on saturday. If i can pull enough cash, i should have enough. Or borrow some from someone for a week.
EDIT: I can pull the cash, would sat 7/23 be good?
I also remember talking to you about this bodykit previously and nothing ever happened. But i have enough $ for it now.