Building D16z6

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if i have say 1000 bucks and i want to add some bolt-on's which ones shoud i put on and how much horsepower will it add
Save that grand and spend the money on a b series swap instead. Sell your z6 for like 500 bucks. Unless you are getting into cams, ecu work, or some major internal work most bolt ons won't do a lot for horsepower.
the d16z6 is a good engine, but like jeff said, bolt ons won't do much for it. if you have a grand to play with, and you want to keep the d16, pull the head off port and polish it, pop in a crazy cam (with valve springs) maybe mill the head for some added compression and i think you'd be pretty impressed.
ok so say i wanna swap a b16a3 in how much would that cost and if i got all the tools and equiment to do it would i be able to or would i need to have it professionally done. Would i need a hasport mount kit?
What is this going into?

You aren't going to find a b16a3. If you do, you will pay dearly. They were only in the del sol vtec's and not many of them were produced here. If you know anything about engines and wiring, then you can do it. but if you dont feel comfortable swaping engines, pay the 800-1k to have it done.

5th gen civic = Use OEM teg mounts
4th gen civic/2nd gen crx = mount kit
i would say start out by going to a muffler shop around town and see if they can make up a custom exhaust from the cat back it is a lot cheaper then getting a car back system and it does add a noticable amount of power and mine was only 50 bucks to have straight pipes all the way to the muffler and then whatever you want to spend on a muffler.
Reply to 1000 bucks to spend on d16z6. Homemade turbo manifold ,1st gen eclipse turbo ,conquest/starion intercooler ,homemade turbo plumbing ,vortech fmu/rising rate regulator ($1,000). 7 lbs of boost and kicking every stock b/h series motors ass in america (priceless). As far as hp about 50 to 60 hp gain. i-speed