cams for the H22


So I've been interested in getting some cams for my H22 accord. This is a daily driver. My friend has some skunk2 stage 2 race cams for sale. The stage 2 cams, specs are IN. lift 0.505, 270 duration EX. lift 0.465, 275 duration. Is this what I would need? Should I be looking at stage 1 street instead? What would be best for my daily driver or will it matter?


uhm, call the company and see what they recommned...
and have them explain the measurments if you don't understand them...

then when you do understand them, check out other competitors and see what the diffrences are

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I was at my buddies shop today, that specializes in H22's and he seems to favor the Skunk Stage 2 cams, and the Crower cams.

I have experience with Crower, and like them. But I trust this guy, so the S2s2 is probably ok.