car audio vendors (websites)

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So does anyone have any kickass links for on-line audio places
like crutchfield ??
why go anywhere else?
they may not be the cheapest around- but they have the BEST customer service of like.. ever!
oh I agree, very good service, sometimes they just don't have certain models of equipment.
my email address is
I install stereos for a living and have sent numerous vehicles to shows like nopi nat, iasca world finals and tons of local shows. send me stats on your car and desired type of system (video, # of subs, budget, etc.)
and i will help you as best i can.
Brian- yup, Crutchfield's customer service kicks ass. I've bought from them for about 10 years now, and I still love it. I'm just glad that they carry Alpine now! If the price disparity isn't too much, I just buy from Crutchfield. Sometimes I find the best prices at though, and they're pretty good too.