carbon fiber work?

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autox 89 dx

My buddy gave me a power chamber air intake like this one but it is made if plastic. How hard would it be to make one out of carbon fiber? I dont know what brand it is but it fits my EF.Who ever had it before it looks like they cut it with a die grinder but then stopped.I was thinking about cuting it in half long ways and using it as a mold. Does this sound possible and worth the time?I just got laid off and have alot of time on my hands.


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Oh, I do a little here and there.
If it's anything like working with fiberglass, it's fully possible. Whether or not it's worth the time is up to you.


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Well, ya could make a mold out of a few diffrent things and make a nice intake! freind and I made a 2 peae Cold air for his eclipse out of Fiberglass, just need to get a good mold down... we used sadly a peace of cvc pipe and slid the Fiberglass of it lmao


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if you have time on your hands just make one out of 3'' tubing and make some bends. I guess you could mold one but it would take longer.

i would just buy one that has been tested and dyno proven to make good hp gains