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I'm looking at a chip that will raise my vtec engagement to about 5400rpm and my redline to 8600rpm. This is on a p28 for a SOHC Vtec. Now is that a little high for the vtec engagement or does it still work fine. I don't believe the chip does much else like the fuel map so I just want to know about the VTEC Engagement.
Don't just plug that chip into you stock engine and run the hell out of it, you'd be back here in a few minutes crying about how your engine blew up. Your stock engine can't handle spinning to 8600 RPM.
have the ecu chipped around how your motor is set up, get it on a dyno and figure out your optimal vtec engagement point, then just get somebody to chip it, and a shit load of people do it too.
I wouldn't even bother with chipping. If you are serious about tuning using you ECU, get a Hondata or the like. Don't half ass it with a chip.
i'm in the process of buying an EPROM burner, and i have hondata stage 4 software, and i already have the hondata emulator for on the fly changes. so as soon as the pocket programmer sale goes through i will be burning them...

i've got mugen n1, jun, vision rsr, spoon and a few other programs already that i can read into my computer and then reburn them
I don't think your d16z6 can handle that high of RPM. I'm using a Gsr ecu in my z6 and is weak past 7gs. But there's a pull at 5,5.