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Whenever my engine is cold (after its been sittin and i start it up) my engine clicks. It sounds like a roller coaster goin up a hill, click click click, and it does it as i as i accel and deccel. But after the engine warms up it goes away. anyone know what it could be?
If it's not the valves (1st guess) look for an exhaust leak at the manifold/header, ox sensor, etc......
well, im gonna go pick up another quart of oil today (its burnin a lil oil), how much is a valve adjustment gonna cost? I want to spend the least amount of money possible into that pos engine, how long will i be able to go before it just says "fuck it" and stops workin?
do it your self... if you have a feeler guage and a screw driver and a 10mm wrench and a 1/2 hour, its free

see our articles section for a how to