Constant Problem For Months 93 Del Sol B20B

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List of typical Symptoms.... can't get to the bottom of this.

1. Crank but won't start 9/10x
2. (#1) happens bc fuel pump won't prime key in on position 1. (1st key click)
3. 50/50 chance when I turn the key the fuel pump primes. (The bzzzzz sound)
4. (New experience today) after 1 month of not running. Turned key, fuel pump ACTUALLY primed & car fired up. Drove 10 mins down the road and car died, wouldn't fire over and fuel pump back to not priming (aka crank no start) back at issue #1 again but on a side road not in my garage this time. First time it's ever died while driving. Every other time I've driven somewhere and back no problem "if" the fuel pump primed initially . (the entire common denominator to the whole issue)

List of parts I have replaced before, after or during this issue.
1. Starter (brand new)
2. Battery (newish and shows 12V)
3. Main relay replaced. Maybe even twice just to be extra sure bc I know all the main relay stories.
4. Fuel pump. Brand new high flow