Crankshaft Pully

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I've heard bad things about mixing pullys. I put my 88 DX pully on my z6 for now. Im using my DX alt, and compressor. How long can i run this, and what do i have to change in order to run the z6 pully? I haven't driven it yet, so no harm done. Thanks in advance.
will the dx alternator plug work with the Z6 alternator, it does on my 89 SI and plugs right in, if the plug is the same use a Z6 alternator and the Z6 crank pulley, each pulley is designed for each motor, as much as people would like to disagree i have a bad oil pump i will sell to some one from a b16 that i owe all to the unorthodox racing pulley.
you can use any 92-95 sohc alternator if you can get your hands on one, i think the 96up sohc will work too, but don't quote me on that one.
Do you think i could put the z6 alt pully on the a6 alt? I didnt think of that. Also, Do you have an underdrive pully you want to sell?