Creeped out - AIM convo of the week

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EDIT: Divided into sections to point out the funny.

CrimsonGuardJay (7:30:20 PM): wait for the bell wait for the bell wait for the bell wait for the bell
TheSutrix (7:31:07 PM): I work at burger king I wear paper hats .... oh would you like some apple pie ? Would you like some apple pie ?
CrimsonGuardJay (7:32:01 PM): (w/ that)

TheSutrix (7:32:05 PM): Leonids tonight
TheSutrix (7:32:10 PM): oh damn
CrimsonGuardJay (7:32:13 PM): right.
CrimsonGuardJay (7:32:22 PM): would you liek some apple pie with that
TheSutrix (7:32:29 PM): yeah yeah yeah I don't give a fuck
CrimsonGuardJay (7:32:33 PM): ...
TheSutrix (7:32:45 PM): I'll tell you why Idon't give a fuck
CrimsonGuardJay (7:32:54 PM): cuz bk doesnt have apple pies?
TheSutrix (7:32:57 PM): my friend has these two girls that I swear he's fucking along with his 26 year old wife
CrimsonGuardJay (7:33:04 PM): ahhhh
CrimsonGuardJay (7:33:06 PM): lucky him
TheSutrix (7:33:10 PM): one lives there and "can't wait till I become legal"
CrimsonGuardJay (7:33:10 PM): how old are said girls?
TheSutrix (7:33:22 PM): and the other had her 21st birthday today "I want you to give me my first drink"
TheSutrix (7:33:36 PM): and they started laughing about how she learned to give perfect blow jobs
TheSutrix (7:33:43 PM): the other is 17
TheSutrix (7:33:57 PM): and they have sex parties with the neighborhood
CrimsonGuardJay (7:34:25 PM): oh my
TheSutrix (7:34:54 PM): and I'm totally pissed off
TheSutrix (7:35:01 PM): when I leave there I want to drive my truck off a cliff
TheSutrix (7:35:10 PM): oh and this 21 year old chick.. is a waitress
TheSutrix (7:35:23 PM): and clears,.... reliably, $900 to $1100 a week
TheSutrix (7:35:33 PM): and she's dumb as a box of hammers
TheSutrix (7:36:45 PM): and if I were alone with her, and so inclined, I get her clothes off in 10 minutes.
TheSutrix (7:36:52 PM): and it kills me
TheSutrix (7:36:54 PM): absolutely kills me

TheSutrix (7:37:44 PM): last night I went to my gay friend's party
TheSutrix (7:37:48 PM): his house is gorgeous
TheSutrix (7:37:52 PM): like, HGTV quality
TheSutrix (7:37:57 PM): antiques, beautiful wood work,
TheSutrix (7:38:01 PM): billiards room
TheSutrix (7:38:03 PM): art
CrimsonGuardJay (7:38:11 PM): ah
CrimsonGuardJay (7:38:17 PM): how does he make this bling?
TheSutrix (7:38:22 PM): 200 gallon fishtank, 100 gallon salt water tank, 150ish gallon tank
TheSutrix (7:38:25 PM): and koi outside
CrimsonGuardJay (7:38:33 PM): mmhmmm
TheSutrix (7:38:35 PM): astroturf yard. Yes... astroturf
CrimsonGuardJay (7:38:38 PM): status symbols galore.
TheSutrix (7:38:38 PM): but ...
TheSutrix (7:38:43 PM): he's got gay art everywhere
TheSutrix (7:38:57 PM): of course playbills and broadway pictures
CrimsonGuardJay (7:39:11 PM): he
TheSutrix (7:39:14 PM): but he's got these huge black and whites of naked men and asses and phallus statues everywhere
CrimsonGuardJay (7:39:23 PM): do you understand how these guys work?
CrimsonGuardJay (7:39:28 PM): their fuckin demnted
CrimsonGuardJay (7:39:53 PM): they have fuckin "parties" where they invite like dozens of fags over and fuck for a whoel weekend
CrimsonGuardJay (7:40:01 PM): thats why they need huge houses
CrimsonGuardJay (7:40:07 PM): its sick man...
CrimsonGuardJay (7:40:20 PM): they literally live everywhere but ive been to a few of these houses...
CrimsonGuardJay (7:40:23 PM): estate sales...
CrimsonGuardJay (7:40:32 PM): you wouldnt believe the shit you can find int here

TheSutrix (7:40:33 PM): hahah
TheSutrix (7:40:40 PM): I've been pasting my comments from this window into another window
TheSutrix (7:40:44 PM): so I can have two conversations
CrimsonGuardJay (7:40:48 PM): a picture book that could potentially put the catholic church in new england out of business forever.
TheSutrix (7:40:49 PM): one with my friend in New Zealand
TheSutrix (7:40:53 PM): so I've been pasting all this shit
TheSutrix (7:41:06 PM): ....into the wrong window. So my dad is totally intrigued by the conversation

CrimsonGuardJay (7:41:43 PM): ah
CrimsonGuardJay (7:42:04 PM): another thing abotu gays is...
CrimsonGuardJay (7:42:08 PM): always groups of threes.
TheSutrix (7:42:13 PM): this guy is single
CrimsonGuardJay (7:42:14 PM): sometimes 2

TheSutrix (7:42:20 PM): oh my god
CrimsonGuardJay (7:42:22 PM): but you see them hanging in 3s
TheSutrix (7:42:34 PM): you mean I played pool on a man-jizzed eyes-wide-shut pool table ?
CrimsonGuardJay (7:42:36 PM): usually you got two 35-45 yr olds...
CrimsonGuardJay (7:42:39 PM): nto attractive
TheSutrix (7:42:47 PM): maybe THAT'S why the pool cues had never been chalked
CrimsonGuardJay (7:42:47 PM): and one stud, heavily muscled guy age 30-35...
TheSutrix (7:42:50 PM): oooohh creepy
CrimsonGuardJay (7:43:07 PM): dude, they probably all fucked in every single room you were in.
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True shit. Many gay friends would confirm this if I were to ask them these awkard questions.
Before we played pool, I had to level the table .... "The table has never been levelled" he said.

Now I know why. icky icky icky