D series swap

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i swapd a d16z6 in 89 crx and im having problems with the distriuter
the 89si harnis and ecu are still in the car idont have d16z6 wiring harnis the car will not go over 3 grand and alot of codes are flashing :blink: :blink:
Originally posted by 86crxsi@Nov 22 2002, 03:47 PM
thanks, djextremity DICK.....i WANTED to know if the mounts are diff, if you have to make custom axles, shift linkage.........that kinda stuff.
i have a spare ew engine, but the mini-me combos are looking real sweet.
i could get a D16a6 real cheap, but i don't know if mounts and such are diff. any help plez..........real help that is. thanks

It helps to ask that straight out rather than posting a vague question and calling names when you don't get the answer you want to hear...

:angry: :angry: :angry:
Holy shit...you are a son of a bitch. I have nothing more to say than that.. :ufucktard: