D16a3 Header

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Senior Member
my question is for a friend of mine... he is putting a zc in his car. I remember hearing that a normal d16a6 header dont match up with out port matching my question is cant he use a header for a d16a3 cuz they are so closest thing we have here to a zc.
The ZC Exhaust manifold goes 4-2-1 rather than the a6 or a3 4-1 manifold. what that means is the exhaust pipe in the car will not match up to the zc manifold. you can use any othe d-series 4-1 manifold and it will match up to his exhaust pipe. And for better performance, he can use a zc or z6 exhaust pipe that connects the cat to the manifold. Or while he's at it, tell your friend to just go ahead and get a descent header. it's only like $100 for a descent header off ebay. but yes, any d-series manifold will bolt up to the zc, so you can fix your problem with bolting it to the exhaust pipe.