D16y7 Swap

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hi im now to the honda crowd i have a 97 dx hatch it was auto x ed so it has a header and intake and nice nex semi race suspension and adr concept pro 15x6.5 wheels wraped in falken azenis tires im looking to spend about 3000 making thsis car fast i know that if i want to drag it i have to get rid of the -camber up front and swap in a new motor im open to lots of sugestions so please help out with all possiable o yea im planing on boosting it in the future
ok sorry maby im not specific enuff im lookin at swaping in a b16 if i do this can i use my d series trany if not what are the hp figures of a vtec head swap is it worth the time and money to just to a head swap and if i go this route will i be able to boost it in the future
D Series and B Series trans' don't intervene. B series block=bseries tranny and so on. if you want to go cheap just drop a b16a2 in there like a jdm one in and youw ill run good mid 14's probably. 170hp and 111 lb/tq.
so im going to need a b series trany also and of course a ecu is it possiable to go to obd1 if i change everything also the guy a got this car of of had it at the strip once and he is a good driver he told me he ran a 15.6 the car has a dc sports 4 2 1 heared a aerospeed cold air ram air front mount intake and a 2 1/4 exaust with no cat and a max speed single 2 1/4 inlet dual out muffler thats all i can think of besides the short shifter it still has all interior do you think that sounds about right i dont
I don't know about a 15.7....maybe if totally stripped and shit because my bro has a 90 hatch with like a dx motor and intake exhaust and some other stuff and he can't get near my car at all and I might get into the 15's, just might... Since your car is obd2 now you would want to go obd2 by buying a usdm b16a2 w/tranny, ecu, and mounts I believe and some other stuff I always forget to list