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I was reading on a website that for me to swap a d16z6 into my 92 hb dx, that all I have to do is get the complete motor, ecu, and trans and it will just bolt up to my stock motor mounts and all of my other stock parts and excessories. Is this true, please let me know. Also I was thinking about doing a mini-me swap I was just wondering if its true that I can use the d15b7 block and put the d16z6 head on it and if this swap is really worth doing. Also with the d16z6 head on the d15b7 block using a d16y8 head gasket I was told that the compression ratio was like 11:1 what would the compression ratio be with the d16z6 head gasket. Thanks for all of your help and information I greatly appreciate it.
I say go for it, you can get a head CHEAP, no one wants a Z6 head..keep the B7 block. You will need a P28 ECU, and just wire the VTEC solenoid. As for the Y8 head gasket? If you want to up compression, go ahead, but its thinner than the Z6, so it might not fair so well. As for compression ratio, you can get some ZC pistons (ups the CR around .4), but they have a tendancy to break down over 200 hp or so at the flywheel.
thanks afipunk21 also i heard that i can put 1gen integra rods in there and that they are good for about 220hp is this true.
I dunno about that, I know Eagle makes some kick-ass rods for the D16Z6, though...can't remember their website, but they usually have some on ebay.
did it perfect fit. Also you can use your d series tranny and it will work IDENTICALLY as in the same gear ratios as the dx tranny. They are the same tranny.