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I am looking to make a fast car, possibly turbocharged, so i can beat up on the local racers but i need a swap that will be reliable enough to be my daily driver.

Thanks for the help!
Simply stated a swap is as reliable as you make it. But generally to be cost efficient and easy to boost the integra ls (or b18a or b18b depending on gen.) is the best motor to turbocharge. If you arent going to be rebuilding it, it comes with a boost friendly compression ratio, and alot of torque off the bat make for good hp/tq gains. If money isnt an option, alot of people will say to boost the b18c1 (integra gsr motor), but I do disagree. I think unless you are going to be invest $20k into the project you will get ultimately higher hp with the ls for the same amt. of money. Good luck with your project.
There are many sides to the argument,and it boils down to,can you get it tuned right?If money isn't an issue the B18C1 is good,if money is somewhat of an issue B18B,if you have a little money N2o.
Best swap for you would either be a b18c (if you only possibly going to go turbo) and if you are certain you want a turbo, go with a b18b. b18c is the best engine for turbo and natural asperating but it cost more for parts (mainly head work) and also i takes a little more to tune for turbo. If you want an easy swap to go turbo on, get yourself a b18b. They are much easyier to tune, if your not boosting much, little or no work is need and parts are alot cheaper
what donor cars would i need to get those engines? sorry to sound stupid but are they v-tec, if not what is a good v-tec engine for the purpose?
3000 for a swap and a turbo is simply NOT going to happen.

a b16a2 from a 99-00 civic si will run you 2500, plus misc shit will put you right up to your budget.

you can always start with that, and go from there- later adding a small turbo as funds come in hand
i didnt mean 3k including the turbo i was thinking 3-5k for just the swap plus whatever the turbo costs. Is that more realistic?
a basic POS kit will run you well over 3 grand.

a GOOD turbo system will hit 5-8k
tuning - 500

its very expensive
Just get the B18B1 or an engine swap first than save your money. Go N/A for a bit than get the turbo when you get some quality turbo components.
as for your vtec questions... the b18b is non-vtec but the b16 and b18c are vtec engines. if i were you, i'd go b18c1 (gsr), the swap will run you a 'lil over 3k (if you do it yourself). you'll be stoked with it as a n/a engine (you wouldn't like the b18b so much in stock n/a form) and then when you want more power, you should have engough $ saved up my then to boost it. i'm not a big fan of b16's if you have the option of a b18c for not much more $ and the same amount of work.
Originally posted by kylemarhx@Feb 9 2003, 07:38 AM
i'm not a big fan of b16's if you have the option of a b18c for not much more $ and the same amount of work.

I am a big fan of the B16's and still suggest the B18C1/5.The reason is your 6th gen is a little heavier than a 5th and you'll be pleased with the little extra the 1.8's provide.
It is an excellent engine for swapping,if you can afford it.They generally run about $4000-$4500.
but as you said, you may want to go turbo in the future. The ITR is bad for boost becasue it is designed to go NA. (high compression and aggressive cams) If you are not 100% possitive your not going turbo, get the gsr
Hybrid revolution a Hondaswap.com sponsor would be a good place to start looking,and the price is around $3000.
If i put the gsr or itr in my car how will my preformance be compared to a b16a for example. There are some ricers that cruise around with b16a's in their civics and i want to be able to whoop up on people like that. What do you recomend for that?
It will be faster than a 99-00 si,if you can drive.Now if the "ricers" are rolling with a B16 in a old rex your screwed :lol: .Power to weight.