damnit!, i hate Fall!

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anyone else care for this crap season... other than the weather cooling down, it sucks..

heres why

this is only part of it.. i've been cleaning this shit up every week...same day the lawn would be covered again.. so i got lazy and let the shit stay there.. hahah.. this isnt even a 1/3 of what i've cleaned up over the last 2 months..


i had the woman helping me this time.. hah..


and Allie decided she was gonna play in the leaves and mess up my pile..

yea.. so we barely dented that pile... we packed, literally packed those 30 gallon trash bags soo full i could barely pick them up, the bags were ripping.. and i packed that green can full of leaves too..
we only have 2 seasons here.. summer, and not quite summer :)

are those dish washing gloves she's holding? :D
yep... only gloves she had.. haha... i wore a pair too actually.. cats piss in these leaves, i've seen them marching around in them... i usually use 2 rakes and fill the trash cans.. but it is a much bigger pile than normal.. we had to fill bags this time
i'm glad i've never had to deal with that crap :) only minor trimmings and such that my dad made me help with..

i have a blower that can be turned into a vacuum and supposedly will mulch 15 bags of leaves down to 1 bag.. ever given that a try?

found the trick to getting my wife to pull weeds in the front yard though.. all i gotta do is put a football game on, on sunday :D
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at least the dog is having fun

yea.. we brought her ball out front and thats how my pile got destroyed.. she lost it in the pile and went nuts looking for it.. she jumped clear over it chasing the ball..
Leaves suck ass. Next year when fall arrives I am going to take my parents power washer and blast all of the damn leaves down one weekend so I dont have to "help" and by help I mean rake all of them every weekend. My old man has a yard sweeper so that helps some its doing it every weekend that pisses me off.
i hate fall.... least favorite time of the year. i used to live in the atlanta area and had a yard full of hardwoods, the leaves were like what you have pictured.... it sucked every year. not to mention i f'in HATE cold weather so fall pisses me off cuz i know the cold is coming. im glad moved back to florida now, the trees dont lose their leaves here :D
and winter down here in south florida just means the fishing is better hehe

Your dog is adorable, Clint, though I still like Taco's weiner a little more. :ph34r: You know, if you needed help, I will work for D or B series parts. :D I'm cheap labor. Throw an alternator my way, some struts and I'll make your yard shine...as much as a yard covered in leaves can shine.
dude, fall was over a month ago. lol

i finished my leaves 2nd week of november.

i realize that... but its because of fall that my yard is covered in leaves.. ;)
Last weekend, I was looking at the back yard, covered with leaves from my two monster pecan trees. I thought, "Its about time to rake that up..." Just then, a pretty good gust of wind hit, and it rained literally thousands upon thousands of leaves out of the trees.. And I thought.. Ok, when the last leaf falls off of those things, I'll put forth the effort.
thats why i have such a huge pile.. hahah.. i got sick of raking them up, so i let them build up for a while.. they were about a foot deep at one point of the yard.. haha.. . but i have 3 huge spikey ball trees in my front yard... those balls still have to come down.. yippy! ..
Thats why I like my yard. My property is 50x150, and maybe 1/3rd of that is yard. I have no trees but I get leaves from my neighbors. I think I raked it all up in about 20 minutes. lol
i have a bunch of leaves that fall in the neighbors yard... their fucking gardener blows them back into mine though..