Del Sol K20 swap

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New Member
ok so i have a 93 del sol si that im putting a k20 in. do u think the state of california is gonna let that fly or should i register it elsewhere, on of the benifits of military lol. hey thanks in advance
indiana sees a downgrade as illegal but an emissions upgrade as legal. that would be an emissions upgrade so you might be in luck
nope i havent but im going to do it either way. legal or not. just seein if you all new. thanks

four letters for you, UCMJ, if I were you I wouldn't try to use the military to circumvent your local laws, they tend to frown on that.

having said that, here in MN, they don't care either way what engine you have in your car, so if your K-swap is important enough for you to risk Leavenworth, maybe you could just move up here and deal with the sucky weather.
im not worried about ucmj my fiance is from billings montana so i can register it there. or just have it it as a non street legal street car just a track car whicjh is what im building it for. but it looks as if im going the montana route