Difference in Prelude Engines / Axles.

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I saw a 4 lug prelude at the mall the other day...

I thought all preludes were 5 lug with the H22A?

Can anyone explain?
I don't know the first thing about prelude generations.

is the 1992-1996 the 4th Gen?
... 97-01 5th gen?

And are they the same H22A or is one an H22A1?

I know its in the reference, and I just went and looked. But I'm not clear on it.
You're right on the gen descriptions.

The H22's are different, but I couldn't give you the trailing code. I know the USDM Prelude VTEC in 1993-1996 put out 190hp.

The USDM Preludes in 97-01 all put out 195hp, and the Type SH had the added benefit of ATTS.
So... (where I'm getting at with this post.)

If I swaped a 4th gen H22a into a 5th Gen Civic....

I wouldn't have to do a rear hub assembly conversion to 5 lug to make it match?... since it's 4 lugs in the front.

And thanks a bunch dohcvtec_accord.
No problem.

5th gen Civics are what years? Sorry.

Why would you have to do any sort of reconfiguring to the lugs to do an engine swap?
5th Gen civic 93-95... er 92-95?

Because if I swaped in a 5th Gen H22a with 5 lugs in the front and I had 4 lugs in the rear stock, it would be :ghey:.
OK, I've never done a swap into a Civic, but what would the bolt pattern of the wheel have to do with swapping an engine?

They give you 5 lug assemblys for a reason (heavier engine, more torque?) so I'd want to use them....

I thought it was strange they went with 4 lugs with the 4th gens.

Correct me if I'm wrong... I think complete swaps come with axles and hub assemblys?
Ahhhh OK I see now.

I guess it depends on the "swap". Mine had its axles cut at the hub (obviously the hubs weren't included), but it didn't matter since I could use my Accord axles. So I suppose it depends on what's included. I've seen them come both with and without hubs/axle assemblies.

I'm running my stock 4-lugs with my stock axles for my H22, no problems yet after a year.
Well since I can't (almost positive) use my Civic axles... I was wondering.

I'd like to get a 4th gen swap just because I wouldn't have to find rear assembly's to match my fronts.
Since I would be changing out the axles.

Although I suppose if for some reason I got a 5th gen swap... would Prelude axles bolt up into a Civic hub assembly?
That's what I'm saying. But he's worried about torque on the 4-lug vs. the 5-lug, and I'm saying that I don't know that he'll have a problem with it.