Distributor problem!!!

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Hi fellaws, its been a while since i needed help but recently i put a complete obd0 integra harness in my 91 hatch. Everything is working besides dat it dont want to start and i tested the engine harness wit a test light and there is current runnin thru parts of it but i dont know if it just not getting to the distributor or if the distributor is just fried. I just want to know if any1 has been thru dis or heard of dis b4 and if theres a way to test the distributor out or even if a b16 distributor will fit on my 96 b18. Hope sum1 can help me out, thanxs ill appreciate it.
When i turn the key it dont do anything. I hear the fuel pump turn on but dats it. We tried to turn in on wit a screwdiver at the starter but it didnt want to stay on.
it doesnt do ANYTHING?
no click, no nothing?

check the main relay, timing belt, spark.
Yea nothing at all. We checked to c if there was any spark but we didnt get anything either. I really havent checkd the relay but i was thinking bout doing dat. I just did the swap last summer and we had put it in timing but i was havin wiring problems and havnt driven it since so its been sitting in the backyard u think it jumpd timing ?
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if its just been sitting in the backyard, i doubt it. lol
why havcent you fixed the wiring problems you were having?

is the battery dead?
Well i started to fix it but it stared to get cold and snowing so really couldnt do to much lol and the battery i took out my coupe so its fully charged. I actually added at least 4 more grounds to the 2 i already had so i think im good in the ground department lol
well if it does not click at all when you turn the key, it's one of three things. battery voltage is way low (not your problem,) the solenoid in your starter is bad (this can happen, but isn't as common as some people will claim,) your clutch switch is bad or the tab has disintegrated with age (both of these parts are plastic and about 20 years old, i'd look here first.) before you go ripping apart a harness because of a no-start condition, think it through. a fuel or spark problem will never cause a car not to crank....
So is dat clutch switch inside the car? And if we tried to start the car wit a screwdiver at the starter will the soleniod still be bad?
the clutch switch is inside the car, if you lay up under there, press the clutch to the floor and look for a switch that the clutch hits, or should hit in the case of the tab being disintegrated. the screwdriver technique bypasses the clutch switch however, so if you did that correctly (you should as though you've done it before) the starter solenoid is likely burnt out. pull it out, it's just two bolts that hold it in, then one nut that holds the harness on and one plug. they can test it at most auto-parts stores.
ok kool ill try to take a look at it 2morow if the weather corporates. And just want to know if a b16 distributor will fit my ls?
off the top of my head, i'd say no. not that it wont run your LS, cause it will, but probably only one of the bolt holes will line up, MAYBE two if you get lucky. the other one, or two if you didn't get lucky, will cause a nasty leak. worst case scenario check craigslist or ebay for a LS distributor. maybe even trade for your vtec one, yours is much more valuable, so don't go hacking it up to force it to fit.
ok i was just wondering but i have it cuz when i get my running i have a b16 head so i was thinking of making it ls vtec. But thanxs for all the help i appreciate.
check your battery fuse in the fuse box under the hood if its blown make sure your power wire going to the starter isnt grounding off on the starter its self