Done building my STI now onto my new toy

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So i recently bought a 1990 crx si (salvaged) as my latest project car. i had to replace the front fender and trunk. I will eventually have to replace the front and rear bumper as well as the front bumper beam the was bent. I just bought some Blades to put on it and will be looking to do a motor swap leaning towards an h22 my homie has one in his civic hatch and me likey. I know most dont think its work it but im just looking to put i/h/e and thats it. As far as the cost and the hassel its no biggie.

Im a pic buff so here are some pics of the crx

Red= Not purchased
????= not sure

Name: Bryan
Occupation: CPT in the Army
Car: 1990 CRX Si


Sparco Torino
Sparco Carbon Fiber Pedal set
Autometer Carbon Fiber Gauges- Boos, Oil, A/F
Karcepts Shifter Mounting Kit


Color: Pearl White or java black pearl not painted yet
Custom license plate: Tri Me
Carbon Fiber SIR Hood
Carbon Fiber low hood scoop
New Front bumper, L&R fender and Hatch and rad support.
J's Racing Front Lip

Rims, Tires and Brakes:

GSR Blades painted BBS Gold
Potenza RE-11 fronts
DA front brake swap
ARP Extended Wheel studs
Skunk2 Black open ended lugnuts
EBC Yellow stuff pads
Track Rim and Tires: ???


K-Tuned Traction bar w/ Stablizers
Neuspeed Sport Springs


Built 6 spd Tranny w/
Quiafe LSD
Frana 1st & 2nd Street Dog Conversion 2.93 and 1.95
GearSpeed 3-6 Carbon Syncros
ClubRSX 4.052 Final Drive
Exedy Twin Clutch and Flywheel

Extra Stock 6 spd Tranny
Extra used ACT stg 2 Clutch

Engine managment:



K20a2 Swap
Twin Screw Lysholm AX1600 blower by JMercado
JR Manifold and associated parts
Conversion Plates for the Twin Screw blower
Custom Intake Plenum
Aftercooler for manifold
Custom manifold fabrication and CNC machine work
JR Bypass Assembly
Blower Pulley
Aftercooler Heat exchanger
Rule Pump
All parts necessary for all system
HAsport Mounts
Rywire Conversion Harness
Karcepts A/C and P/S Removal Kits
K-Tuned 4-2-1 Header
RBC w/ Adapter Plate Selling
RSX Base Axles
84 GTI Radiator
Rcrew stg2 cams w/ vtc cam gears, supertech valvesprings and retainers
Custom Intake
extra set of lifetime warranty AAP axles
1000cc ID
Hybird Racing FPR w/ Lines and guage
K Swap Headers
Karcepts Themostat Swivel neck
Custom Exhuast-Kteller 3" Piping,
Walbro 400lph FP
Spark Plugs BKR9EIX
Hondata 4 Bar map sensor

Some Clutch hydro conversion
M&H SLicks
Front Drag rims
Oil Catch Can
Possible batery relocator
and whatever else i get the iche to buy







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oh and here are some pics of my STI and the build list.
Dominator 3.0XT-R Full Ball Bearing Turbocharger

Draco turbo blanket
Custom CP Pistons 100mm
Eagle Rods w/ARP 2000 bolts
GSC Stage 1 Cams
Brian Crower Valve Springs and Retainers
Brian Crower Valves
09-10 STI Nitrided Crankshaft
Cosworth Bearings
ARP Head Studs
Mild PNP headwork
Grimmspeed PnP Intake Manifold w/ Spacers
Grimmspeed PnP Headers
Grimmspeed Hi-flow Crossover pipe
Grimmspeed Top Feed TGVs w/ deletes
Tial 44mm EWG and Grimmspeed uppipe
Draco 2"x50" exhaust heat wrap
Perrin Top Feed Fuel Rails
1000cc Injector Dynamics
Walboro fuel pump
GMS Radiator with hoses and high temp thermostat
GMS Turbo inlet
Perrin Pulley
Perrin EBCS, Hallman Manual Boost Controller
Perrin MAF
K&N Cone filter
Ixiz Concept Air/Oil Separator W/ Crankcase vent
NGK 1SC Spark Plugs
Turbosmart Dual Port Bov
Turbosmart Fuel Pressure Regulator-800
Karboy Battery Tie down
GRUPPE-S Hood Dampers
New STi Gaskets kit
Misc: Water and Oil Pump, Timing Belt Tensioner

Engine Management:
Cobbs APv2
Turbosmart e-boost2

ACT HD Street Clutch
ACT Streetlite Flywheel
AP Short shifter w/ Kartboy shifter bushings
TIC 6MT Pivot Bushing

BC Coilovers w/ rear extenders
Whiteline Steering Rack Bushing
Whiteline FR Swaybar adj 27-29mm
Whiteline RR Swaybar adj 24-26mm
Karboy FR & RR Endlinks
Kartboy Endlink Spacers
TIC/ Kartboy Rear Klicky Kit
TIC Killer Klunk Kit
Kartboy Transmission Cross Member Bushing
Group N Engine/Tranny Mount Combo
Tein FR Strut brace
LiteSpeed Rear Chassis Bridge

Ferrari red paint job- Rosso Corsa 322 D.S.
Tinted Windows 30% Front & 5% Rear 3 Windows
Limited V-Lip
Headlight Painted Flat Black
5 Perrin Wing Stabilizers
Rally Roof scoop w/ functional vent
Pillarless mod
Kartboy Front License plate delete
Hella Horns

HOT WIFE in passengers seat(Priceless)
Recaro all Black leather front seats off EVO9 MR w/Wedge Eng. mounts
Black WRX rear seats and door cards
Sparco Red 3” 4-point camlock harness w/ shoulder pads
Kartboy Black shift knob w/ red logo
HKS Turbo Timer
Redline blk w/ red stitching shift boot, e-brake cover
Stri gauges: EGT, Fuel, and Oil Pressure
Defi Boost gauge
Beltronic STi Diver Radar Detector
Pioneer AVIC-D3 Indash NAV/DVD
Zenesis ZN-502 Alarm

Wheels and tires:
Rota SVN 18 by 9 on Hankook Ventus V12 evo K112 255/35

Stock Brembos
Hawk HPS Front & Rear Pads

Built by:
William Warren of Percision Werks






here a decent pic of the wifey but dont ask for more


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sorry for the different fonts i cut and pasted mostly and fyi this isnt my first honda i owned a crx si and an accord back in the days. i bought my first crx for 200 bucks and this for this one i only paid 500. i love inexpensive parts compared to parts for my sti
I think it has just the right amount of Evo.
I want your halo eyes headlights for my rex.... sell the Subaru and do a sick boosted K-swap in the rex, it will love you long time ><
What kinda numbers the STi make?

well i have 2 crank sensors left to replace so they can finish the dyno that was started but it should be 630hp at the crank and on the mustang dyno around 420whp on pump and around 520whp on race gas.
I want your halo eyes headlights for my rex.... sell the Subaru and do a sick boosted K-swap in the rex, it will love you long time ><

i dont think ill ever sell the suby especially after the 20k i spent on parts. The K-Swap would be nice but you really cant beat 2g's for a stock 200hp motor swap. Plus i already have 2 turbocharged cars...My STI and my Wife's Twin-Turbo BMW 335I (i have already installed dual intake's and will be doing a ecu upgrade for aditional 80-100whp:cool: in the beginning of next year)
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you needed to go blue first i think. which you are. edit button is on the bottom right side of your post.