Driving In Snow In A Sol

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here's the transcript :p

Afipunktwentyone: wtf, ur car made it to work?

Auto response from pissedoffsolwork: brb

pissedoffsolwork: dude
pissedoffsolwork: wtf
Afipunktwentyone: ?
pissedoffsolwork: heres the story
pissedoffsolwork: so i go home fro work this morning theres liek 3 inches of snow
pissedoffsolwork: not a big deal
pissedoffsolwork: about 10am, my boss calls me up
pissedoffsolwork: hes like- were going to have you work from home tonight
pissedoffsolwork: cuz its going to be really bad
pissedoffsolwork: im like- no biggie-
pissedoffsolwork: so i come back
pissedoffsolwork: to set up my laptop to VPN in to our systems and to pick up a cell phone
pissedoffsolwork: now, through qwest communications, we are allowed to switch out 800 number from our T to any swicthed line- aka our cell phone
pissedoffsolwork: 11:45 im on the phone with them trying to switch the phone over
pissedoffsolwork: no problem - they say it will take 2-3 min to switch
Afipunktwentyone: 11 am or pm?
pissedoffsolwork: 15 min later, i test call in, and i get the T
pissedoffsolwork: pm
pissedoffsolwork: im lik eWTF- that should have rang the cell phone
pissedoffsolwork: so i call back qwest-
pissedoffsolwork: they say its all set and says its ringing the cell phone
pissedoffsolwork: 12:10, another test call- i get the 2nd shift chick again still there waiting for me
pissedoffsolwork: i tell her to hang on a couple more min
pissedoffsolwork: 12:15- test call- get her again.
pissedoffsolwork: call back qwest. the line is not pointing to the T anymore.
pissedoffsolwork: wtf.
pissedoffsolwork: yet, im still getting the T
pissedoffsolwork: i say fuck it- pack up and head to work
Afipunktwentyone: :-(
pissedoffsolwork: 3 snowbanks and getting suck 2 times later, i get to our parking lot
Afipunktwentyone: technology fuggin sux
pissedoffsolwork: which has been plowed in about as high as my car
pissedoffsolwork: i make like half baked, and "make a run for it B"
Afipunktwentyone: lol!
pissedoffsolwork: failure. the nose of my car is burried up to the widshield of this 6 foot snow bank
pissedoffsolwork: lol
pissedoffsolwork: 30 mph into a 6 foot tall snow bank i guess just wans't enoguh
Afipunktwentyone: take a pic, I sahll 0wn it
pissedoffsolwork: hahahaha
pissedoffsolwork: i don't have my camera on me- and i dug it out anyway
Afipunktwentyone: omg, u drive to plow THRU it?
pissedoffsolwork: yeah- the road is 5 lanes wide-
Afipunktwentyone: where's a ricer wing when u need it?
pissedoffsolwork: and i cane down the road at like 20 mph in the wrong lane- cut acorss and floored it
pissedoffsolwork: hahaah
pissedoffsolwork: got half way in
pissedoffsolwork: lol
pissedoffsolwork: thing is- all this snow is fluffy shit
pissedoffsolwork: its not wet at all
pissedoffsolwork: very light
Afipunktwentyone: but it;s sticking?
pissedoffsolwork: i figured id bomb through it no problem
pissedoffsolwork: if its cold, it will stick-
pissedoffsolwork: but you couldn't make a snowball with this snow
pissedoffsolwork: it just wont compress in cuz its too dry
pissedoffsolwork: wet snow is heavy and sticks well
Afipunktwentyone: <--I lived in Alaska, you aint got shit on me, mang :)
Afipunktwentyone: so it's all light and fluffy?
pissedoffsolwork: lol
pissedoffsolwork: yeah
pissedoffsolwork: but theres like 2 feet of it
pissedoffsolwork: haha
Afipunktwentyone: petter than 3 inches of ince on the ground
Afipunktwentyone: ice*
Afipunktwentyone: better*
pissedoffsolwork: its all ice where the plowed
pissedoffsolwork: from peeps driving on it
pissedoffsolwork: anyway- i get to work at liek 1235
Afipunktwentyone: how wide was the snow bank you drive to suicide drive thru?
pissedoffsolwork: i grab a shovel and start digging my self out
pissedoffsolwork: average snow bank dude- it was the road plow
pissedoffsolwork: about 6 feet tall, 3 wide and /\ shaped
Afipunktwentyone: gonna call ur ass osama now
pissedoffsolwork: so probably 5 feet at the bottom
pissedoffsolwork: haha
pissedoffsolwork: i got in pretty good- dug out my front end
pissedoffsolwork: tunneled through the rest of the way into a parking spot
pissedoffsolwork: go inside
Afipunktwentyone: and what would happened if you car got lodged in right under the 6 foot snow bank?
pissedoffsolwork: hold phone
pissedoffsolwork: ok
pissedoffsolwork: it would stay there till morning
pissedoffsolwork: when maintence comes with the steam shovel to plow the parking lot
Afipunktwentyone: no, look

/ \
Afipunktwentyone: err, hold on
pissedoffsolwork: haha
/ \
/ \
/ \ /--Point of impact
/ your (you) car ==============
pissedoffsolwork: haha
pissedoffsolwork: naw
pissedoffsolwork: let me whip up MS paint y-
Afipunktwentyone: haha
Afipunktwentyone: just move down here, and get laid contantly
pissedoffsolwork: https://hondaswap.com/gallery/images/s3...51cf1c156b3.jpg

pissedoffsolwork: lmmmfao
pissedoffsolwork: but thats what it looked like
Afipunktwentyone: P4!Nt 0wnz
I am the man!

he had to roll the windows down and climb out ;)
ok- well here's some pics i took at my house.

the white pole you see here is the top of my mail box :ponwed:


at closer view with a tape measure... just under 5 feet


looking down my driveway to the box


and an up close at where we were jsut standing. . . 4.5 feet


so yeah- we got our ass kicked- and now you understnad what i had to drive through last night to get to work. it was about that big :p
I moved outta the East Coast 8 years ago to Colorado. Yesterday, I washed and waxed my car in 60 degree weather.

I don't miss the East Coast very much. :p

Colorado has better weather than us??????????????????????????????????????????

Originally posted by WetWilly@Feb 18 2003, 04:11 PM
ur hand is whiter then the snow :lol:

White people 0wn j00! Its not our fault we are the most hated race in the world.
your lucky you did not break anything. BTW, that ms paint artwork is great, where you really that far in? See if you would of had a body kit on it, you would have just cut right threw :) How is the snow with the teins, do you get hung up on everything.
Originally posted by Slammed89Integra@Feb 18 2003, 06:51 PM
White people 0wn j00! Its not our fault we are the most hated race in the world.

wtf r u talkin about im not hating on white ppl <_<