Droppin The Rex

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do i need a camber kit when i lower my rex? i wanna either get the neuspeed springs and koni yellows, or the ground controls and yellows... i thought the camber could stay stock? give me some direction on this suspension shit... thanx
it depends, if you "slam" your rex then yes, you will need a camber kit or tires ever 1000 miles. IF you only drop it 1-2 inches, you will probally not need one. Also, droping a car more than 2 inches does nothing for handling and is unnessiacary (sp?)
i hate camber kit threads.

i was dropped 3 1/2 inches.
my tires with a 140 treadwear lasted me a full season up front, and the backs had another season on them easily. no camber kit.

basically, its up to you. if you like getting new tires once a year, don't bother.
otherwise get one if you drop over 2.5
and asmallsol actually spelled camber correctly!!!

no more "chamber" lol