The death of Vader and subsequent rise of Filburt

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There is a decent video of a red intgra with the catback that i own.

Mounted up my dirty Si's. :wub: Sits so damn nicely. And stays flat in the twisties too. ;)

Missing a couple center caps because my idiot friend managed to break them when pulling the motor. :facepalm:

Now I'm gonna go try and polish up the headlights a bit. Some oxidation as usual.
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buffball + Plastx = win
Ive got a powerball but wanted to try some hand polishing with simple rubbing compound first. Just grabbed some of this Turtle Wax compound we had in the garage.

And a cloth polishing head, and wanted to see what I could do. Only took a few minutes per light. Pictures don't really show it as well but it cleaned up nicely.

Still some deeper stuff Im going to have to wet sand out. But I'm happy with the results.

That actually sounds pretty good dc4dude. Definitely worth a look. Thanks!
Yea that's how mine will stay too. lol Cat, resonator, and muffler. I like my Honda quiet with some nice rumble. My V8s on the other hand need to be loud!
Mmmmmmm That first hatch you linked on facebook was enough. Still prefer the duck bill over CTR but it's lips will probably make their way onto the CX soon as I can pick em up.
I would love to build a hatch like that, only in white.
there is someone who had those ITR/CTR wheels made in 4x100.. not sure if they're around anymore
You have the worst luck out of anyone I've ever known. RIP Filburt :(
idk, he posted a part out thread on ohio import parts. i asked what happened and he said i dont even want to know lol. he really does have some shitty luck, its sucks because that car was really damn clean.
yeah were gunna need some sort of explanation here
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