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Ok, I have some questions I need answered just so my mom will get off my back. About what gas mileage does the engine get compared to by 1.5 engine now? Also, buying parts for it like spark plugs, wires, etc. will I have to special order everything or will USDM parts fit? Thanks guys.


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Your milage won't be any worst than a Delsol or civic VTi or anyother car with a similar motor.Since it is OBD 0 and that engine wasn't availible in the states you may have some issues getting OBD specific parts,distributor,injectors,etc...but other than that it isn't hard to source parts.


Hey kid, so im guessin your going with the 88-91 b16a (jdm) from the crx......which he is right obd-0 but also ya do know that you cant do that swap in cali legally if you live there? just to let ya know ahead of time for people in california jdm's you can use the engine BUT you have to have a usdm full intake manifold set-up and ECU them bam ur smog legal get the referee.....otherwise i mean sure you can do that swap since they are widely availible in japan they are prolly a pretty cheap price for the swap and yes your gas miles will still be ok ya know still better then a v-6 or if ya want better get a b18a tranny from a 90-91 usdm integra then u will be doin a little better.....better yet to save time and money call a salvage yard and see if they have a b18a swap from a 90-93 integra they are non-vtec but have more torque and will haul ass plus cheaper price good luck....


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ok I have had the b16 crx.. My gas mileage was actually better then the stock motor. and for finding parts. they are dime a dozen... you can get oem/replacement parts with no problems... You can get the plugs at honda wires at honda or a auto zone or nappa or anything. the point is parts are easy to get and depending on what you have done to the motor you mileage could be a lot better.
i had a friend who had a '90 crx hf with a B16 and he said he gets 42 mpg on the highway, and i truly beleive him. hardly have to touch the gas to keep it going. by comparison, the stock 1.5 engine was rated at 38 mpg i beleive, and it only had 80hp.

the logic behind this is that the difference between the two engines is compression rates and more advanced opposed to bigger displacement.