Ecu For B18b Swap

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I am looking to swap a 96+ LS into my EG Hatch. What
year ECU should I use b/c these engines are obd 2 is there a better Ecu year or will all Obd 1 do the trick.
Will I need and Obd 2 --> 1 Harness.
Sorry, I don't know my Civic chassis codes. I assume the EG is OBD1. If so then an OBD1 ECU will work and I just happen to have one for sale.
it depends on your setup, if you are using an obd1 engine harness, obd1 distributor, etc, then go with an obd1 ecu.
Buy lsvtec's ecu that he has for sale. Thats all you need- the integra harness will plug into your civic one at the shock tower connection. The ecu will plug into the stock harness.