Ecu Problem?

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D See 2

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i've been having an electrical problem for the last few months. maybe you guys can help out...

what does it mean if the check engine light on the ecu is solid on. not blinking at all and my motor wont rev past 3K?
(pr3 obd0 so i dont have to jump it or anything)

i shut the car off and back on and its fine again.

then randomly it will do it again and not let me rev past 3K again...

sometimes it will do it right away and sometimes it wont do it for a few mins.

it all started when i installed a fuel pressure regulator and it was in the way of the IAT sensor and i let those two wires touch together.

could something like that short out an ecu?

I don't think those 2 things should affect an ecu whatsover, I've never heard of this problem. Saturdays are crappy days here, there are like 4 posts a hour, wait until late tonight, or tomorrow, I'm sure someone will be of help.
Originally posted by 92b16vx@Feb 22 2003, 11:02 PM
Sounds like it is going in and out of safe mode.

ecu's have safe modes?... what can cause an ecu to go into such mode?
honda engineers put a "safe mode" on all their ECU's .. when many systems fail, they go into a safe mode, which runs only the most necessary sensors to keep the vehicle running so you can get it into a repair shop...

i would have it scanned at a dealership or other jap repair shop