ef civic rims?

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so i kinda want to buy some new rims for my 89 hatch. i like the Drag DR30 gold and the Drag DR20's gold. my hatch is evo 8 blue and it has black hood and roof so what do you all think i should get?
try some 15' rota slipstreams..
I used to have them on ma hatch and regret the day that I traded them for the gsr's...
and you can get them in most colors..
check em out..
well when i was getting the car it had black slips on it but i really didny like them they looked plain to me but i think gold or bronze will look good with the blue
i got a set of SI rims for it i would say one of the best deals ever haha i traded a car radio for them with tires haha
and you dont like the Si's on your hatch??
no i do but i want something else haha i get a lot of people that like my car. as soon as i get the internet back ill post some pics up. that do u think about the axis og oldskools?
ya i really like them just a little to much money haha here is a fre pics of my car