eg civic s1 transmission

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Ok I'm having problems finding info or DIY on swaying a obd0 s1 transmission into a 92-95 civic. The issue I'm having is what axles to use. Do I need to use axles fron the 90-93 da integra or should I use axles from the del sol with the b16a2 or from the 94-00 dc integra. I don't know which axles to go with. If I remember correctly the s1 axles should fit the eg dx and si with no problems but I'm not 100% sure. If someone could help out it would be awesome. Oh also before i get dogged on for swapping an obd0 b16a and s1 into an eg civic. This motor has been sitting in my storage for a couple of years and I also have a stripped eg frame just chillin waiting. I now have some free time and my son is old enough now to help. So I figured its time for a new project.
Might want to check your local DMV first.... that swap is illegal in like 40/50 states due to the engine being older than the chassis.

As for the axel question, I don't have the answer for that, but i imagine that you would want to use dc/eg b-series axles. If they don't fit into the tranny, you may need to swap off the inners with the shaft+outers to hit the hubs properly.
I realize that I have to convert the clutch. As well as the speedometer. I'm not a complete idiot..Now as far as legality goes..lmao I honestly could care less. The civic hasn't had an inspection in almost 9years and is a bare frame. The motor has never passed a smog test( besides they don't test emissions in most counties in texas). Even when I had it in my 91 crx that ran 13 flat. Now the civic isn't going to see city or highways..only track(i.e. dirt, drag track only) so as far as the dmv they have nothing to say. Nor would I ask them.
Fair enough. Some people jsut aren't aware, and they do it, and then ry to get a plate on it and can't and hate life. Just trying to give a heads up.
I know and sorry for being an ass. But thanks for your idea on the axles. I may end up trying that if I can't figure out something else.