eg4 b18c4

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Hi, ive got '95 eg4 d15b2, and i want to put b18c4 from mb6. I dont know what to do with wire, coz b18c4 is obd2, and in eg i've got obd 1 (?)
wow, what country are you from? Ihave no idea what b18c4 is, or an mb6
if it's anything like the USDm b18c engines then it should plug right into your car if you have the engine wiring for the b18c4.
You will have to get an ecu to run the b18c4 engine, and you will have to wire in VTEC and a knock sensor. (and IaB if equipped)
Read the 3rd post on this page for the Pinouts for wiring vtec and knock sensor (and IaB)
Good luck
if that is the case then I don't know unless it has the correct plugs for your car, I know there is a difference between the obd, but the plugs are usually the same for the b series engines to plug into the eg chassis.
you will still haev to get an obd1 ecu to run the engine properly though since the obd2 ecu won't plug into your car.