endyne pistons

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does anyone know where i can get some endyne pistons for my ls/vtec? someone told me you can run 12.5-1cr with these pistons on pump gas is this true
I'm running 12.6:1 compression on 93 octane without any problems on my Rollerwaves. If you want a set, give Intercrew a call at 214-575-6288 or email them at intercrewracing@aol.com. They're an authorized Endyn dealer. Tell that Michael Yu sent you.

Originally posted by lsvtec@Nov 11 2002, 12:47 PM
What does intercrew sell those pistons for?

I don't know that I could quote you a price on those... call them and find out. :)
the larry thing....

while is shit is top notch IMO, his business skills are shady at best. I'd rather buy from a company that sells them for him and pay a little more...

Some people have no problem.... some people say its a hoax- I don't know... so i put my money elsewhere...
Well, every time I've written to Larry I've gotten a fast solid response.
granted- but i know countless people who say hes full of shit.... its mostly hearsay probably- but still, i dont trust people for shit
as am I... i think.. lol they havent been used yet :)

parts = :worthy:
service = :spin: