Engine Problems..

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well saturday it snowed here and me, had to go for a drive. well my car is low and it acted like a friggin snow plow LOL. the car was driving just fine until about 3oclock when i parked and noticed it was idling a little rough, so i popped the hood and low and behold snow everywhere, even on the filter. i brushed off as much as i could, made it look a little better. since saturday its been idling funny and bogging down. yesterday i pulled the wires out and noticed that the last one (closest to drivers side) had some water on the boot, so i wiped it down as much as i could but couldnt get it all (gonna buy new wires/plugs). when i started it today i also noticed that the timeing belt seems a little loose, it wiggles along with the rough idle. could that be what is giving me rough idle? im gonna buy new plugs, wires, and im gonna tighten the timing belt along with have a friend check the timing. what could happen if the belt broke while driving? is it like a DSM where if it goes so do your valves and whatnot? as you can see i know nothing about a honda (used to be supra owner) and need a little help. THANKS A BUNCH

The rough idle is probably being caused by the water around the plug. When you dry it out your idle should calm down.
Mositure will cause a engine to run rough because it will interfere with the ign system especialy if the parts are old. The mositure allows eletricity to take different paths instead of going to the plug it was meant for. As far as a timing belt snaping while driving it will cause thousands of dollars in damage to the pistons and valvetrain.
You are better off just getting a new timing belt if it's old. My b16 timing belt snapped and that's all the valves wrote!
well im going to the shop here after school and gonna have them tighten it for me hopefully. but if it does snap or what not it gives me a reason to well, buy the JUN racing injectors/retainer kit huh