Exhaust Leak

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hey guys,

i have a 94 ex with a megan 4-2-1 header, a magniflow high flo cat and a full aluminized flowmaster 50 exhaust all the way back.

i have had an ongoing exhaust leak well since about 2 weeks after i got my megan header and i know these are prone to leak so i have changed the gasket by cutting out a template from a sheet of material.

the only other places i can think of that the leak is coming from in the head seal or the donut gasket on the flange to the cat.... i just replaced the head exhaust gasket around 6 months ago and the donut gasket seems to be the culprit.

have any of you guys shared the same problem? someone mentioned a heat shield rattling but i just retightened those bolts as i just did the rear disc swap on my car, so before i get it back out there, any suggestions on how to keep it from springing a leak in the future?

i guess i can get a new header but that doesnt seem to make much sense and the exhaust does not have any holes in it, it was just welded up about 6 months ago and is still pretty much brand new so its from the donut-flange gasket forward.

So what exactly are you asking us? besides telling us your getting a new gasket of sorts? that humbo jumbo lost me, sorry!
hey yeah, sorry about the rambling :cool:

i just kinda wanted to know if other people with those megan headers have had trouble in the past with either the mid-way flange or the donut gasket, seems like the megan headers are known to blow those midway seals,

i did goto napa and get a double sided donut gasket to try, will let you know if it helped later on
Did they give you an actual donut gasket for in between the header and the cat? Or was it a flat gasket? When I got my Megan header they gave me a flat gasket, but that wasn't right. It should be a thick, rounded donut gasket. Once I swapped that out everything sealed up nicely. I've had it for over a year now, no leaks...
Ya I had a set of headers, Hi Flow Cat, and Exauhst from them... all seemed nice, but again I needed to replace the Gasket to motor, and Gasket between the cat / headers lmao... :) Nice sounding tho with Decent power gain!
yeah, they did give me an actual metal donut gasket when i got the header, but i found out yesterday that these are one time use "crush" do nut gaskets and i have had my exhaust off about 5 times now, once for the front main/timing belt and then 4 other times to fix the midway gasket!
so i got this weird ass double tapered donut gasket from napa that i think did the trick but i will have to wait and see...

but i love the way the car sounds especially with the flow 50 can on there and the header, lots of noticeable mid-range power gain

thanks again, i hope for finally once i can not have that tick tick tick tick tick...it's attractive :)