F23 Into 1990 Accord

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Junior Member
I was wondering how much work is involved in swapping a 1998 and up f23 accord motor into a 1990 accord lx. I have access to a f23, and the ecu, but will i need the ecu?, if so will it work with my car.
Yes, you'll need the ECU, and you'll need to convert from OBD0 to OBD2. I have no idea what's involved with that sort of wiring. Hopefully someone else here could help you out with that.
hey the swap is simple. i did an f23a1 into a 94 accord. everything bolts right in. on my car i used the 94 accord ex ecu that i got at a junkyard. i had to add a knock sensor, vtec, and some other wire. i cant remember. but ya i just finished it in january. we pulled and installed the engine and tranny in like two days. and the wiring took a week. so it wasnt hard at all.
Yeah but yours was OBD1, it's a little different.

Also, if you really used an ECU from a 94 EX, you didn't need to wire for the knock sensor. That ECU doesn't look for a knock sensor.