F23A4 burning oil after swap

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Hey everyone!

My problem as of recently is that I motor swapped my 98 Accord with an F23A4 from my other totaled 01 Accord. The motor ran completely well, around 250k's. We basically did the swap because the older F23A1 had been badly rebuilt and was burning oil. When we did the swap, after around a week of usage, we realized that the newly swapped F23A4 was also burning oil, similarly to the older motor, and also felt extremely weak. We checked plugs, and cylinder one seems to be burning oil. The thing here is that the F23A4 we took out of the 01 Accord was running just fine before the removal. We thought it could be maybe bad plugs, or just bad wires, but that doesn't seem to be fixing it. Could it be that with the swapping process the rings could of moved out of place and maybe oil is infiltrating inside the cylinder? Or it could be a bad head seal? (I really don't know if a "bad head seal is even a thing but I'll just add it in here) I just need to get this running asap, since this is my daily driver lol. Any reccomendations or troubleshooting tips? Thanks btw!
if it was running good before you pulled it, and it wasn't sitting a long time, it may be another component on the car itself that you didn't change.

did you re-use the pcv by any chance?