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Does anyone know where to find or where to start looking for a Imported vehicle, ie Right hand drive Civics of Integras. Im just curious. I am hard pressed to find a good 95 Civic Si Hatch. I only found one in the past 2 weeks in orlando but it has 201K miles on it. ANY ideas ? I would like to have a right hand drive import. To just be a lil different.

When I do it I go all the way !!!!!
well i know a while back before these new boards there was a guy posting that was doing a right hand drive conversion on his civic.
you could always do that.
i was just really wanting to buy one lol make my life easier !!! i just didnt know if there was a special website or a company that sold them or if anyone knew of someone who sold them.
Most right hand drives I've seen were imported from Japan (or whatever country). I was looking into getting one myself. BESTJAPANCAR is a good place but I'm guessing you want one that's already over here and has dealt with all the legalities of bringing it over here and making it legal. I found a really nice integra there. I also found skylines there. To my understanding, you can get it shipped over here but you can only use it as a show car or a race car. You would have to go through all the legal stuff to drive it on our roads. Good luck.
Just buy the one with 201k miles on it and rebuild the engine.
It would be cheaper than importing one I think.
that is true, or just swap a new motor in it
something I found about importing:

The question was "Can I import my honda and make it legal in the USA?"

The answer was " There are ways to import vehicles into the US. Normally they are imported as substaincially similar to a US model. Then what happens is anything that is different between the US DOT legal vehicle and the vehicle from overseas would need to be changed to be the same as a US model. For example - headlights , tailights , mph speedometer cluster. The DOT no longer accepts right hand drive cars as being substaincially similar to the US model unless the manufacturer provides information to the DOT stating the vehicles are substancially similar.
Additionally the engine in the vehicle must be available in the US or the engine must be certified for the US. "
Damn I just wanna have a right hand drive car. lol I never thouht itd be such a pain in the ass !! I guess im stuck with the 95 Si.
I know it isn't as cool as getting one from Japan and all but,The U.K. is another place that has right hand drive is a really good place to go look and get phone numbers of registered importers for you to call and get let down at how much it is going to cost to get it here.There is another thread in this forum dealing with this same thing.I went through the process of calling importers and basically it breaks down to spending around $8000-$12000 for a $3000 car.Believe me I,being in the military in Germany,have talked to people that tried to get their EDM Mercedes and bimmers home and they are still sitting at the importers impound because it turned out to be to much to convert.Even a 85 crx si was going to cost me around $8000 to get home.

The engine not only has to be availible in the U.S. in has to be available in that car.So by that a siRII per say is going to have to go through the epa's testing which from what they qouted me is alone enough to give up.

Places like motorex can afford to do it because they are selling the Skylines for hella more than they cost in Japan and they are selling more than just the one you'd be trying to import.Because they are selling more than one they can afford to pay the prices to get them legaly in the states.

I'm not saying there isn't a way to do it :ph34r: obviously there is but it is complicated and can be expensive.One more thing the Japanese version of the 88 and I believe 92-95 dx already has a import number with the epa so that is a option to look into.
Lemme try this does anyone know of any body or any company that already has Right hand drive Cars in the states ive seen RHD Celicas and Subarus. I guess ill just have to kinda stumble upon a RHD car. What all is involved in getting it road legal in the states. How would i register it If i had one ? I live in The tampa area and ive only seen one exotic car dealership and they r MAJORLY WAY OVERPRICED. Lotus Elise is like Double the cost. Ferrari's Lets not go there. I was just curious. I dunno what im gonna get yet, I just have my donor engine and nothing to put it in. How would a DX 2dr fair with a B18C1 in it ? I know the hatch is better to use but I dont like the no ABS and Rear Drum setup lol. Im just used to having the extras in my cars. I wanna be able to go from Driving My Z24 to something at least compairable to the power it has. Not to bash you guys but lb for lb the Z has you guys beat. 150HP doesnt seem like much but when you throw in the 167Ftlbs, You got something to play with. I like being able to burn 1st and second gear with no problem.
With a new clutch and the ebreak i could burn all the gears and stall 5th lol :p :worthy:
As far as a "exotic" RHD JDM the skyline is easily attainable(with the right amount of flow)Completely legal and registerable.And breaking grip my civic hatch does it all the way to third and I didn't try fourth but I'm skeptical.ABS and rear disc can be had on the 95 si hatchback along with a sunroof.But if your partial to the coupe then a b18c1 is good for that.What are the specs on the Z?my mom's got a 97 camaro I love it except that damn chip they put in it that requires a certian rpm to shift from 1st to 2nd.
Right now as it stands My Z has some major issues lol.

It has:

Custom Log Style Turbo Header made by MUAH !
Mitsu TD05 T3 Turbo <-- For sale
TECII Engine managment system
HKS Wastegate
Custom bent CRAPPY LOOKING Charge tubing
Mustang injectors <-- cool huh i didnt think itd work eirther but it did
Spearco front mount intercooler <-- that was a bitch to fit
3" Down pipe and 2.5" exhaust with a Brunel exhaust
RKS Billet Rods
RKS Forged Aluminum 8:1 CR pistons
Mantapart Porta and polished Street profile head with ss springs and valves
2.3L HO Cams from a 94 2.3L oldsmobile Quad 4 W41
RKS Billet Crank
RKS Aluminum Flywheel and Centerforce Duel friction Clutch
MSD inline Fuel pump
vortech 6:1 FMU
Mustang A/C Check valve for MAP sensor

When i tuned it we pump 292 at the wheels and it was almost 310lbs it always came out with more tourqe. Thats at 7-9psi

10psi was nasty but had alot of drop off around 5k rpm it needs more fuel but i dont know how to shove more in without just pouring it in the engine lol.

it could prolly hold 15psi but wouldnt ever see the power cause i red line at 6900 rpm i think it could go higher i just dont wanna push it.

Its baseline is 7-9psi @ 292WHP/310Ftlbs:worthy:

If anyone needs a Brandnew Mitsu/Garret Turbo TD05 16G T3 ZERO miles i have one for sale 800$ internal wastegate 6psi max boost with that wastegate but easily removed.
seriously--- i think a geo metro can bark 4th with stock Michelins on it :)