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OK where to start? I currently have a '96 civic HB and a b16a2 sitting in my garage. Before i drop the motor in, is there anything i should consider doing to the engine before its in the car? Somehting that will be a real pain in the ass after it's in there. I plan on staying NA so the bottom end of the engine should be good the way it is. Anything i'm overlooking? I'm sure this is really vague, so let me know if you need more info. Thx


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Timing belt and water pump will be infinitely easier with the engine outside the car. You want to do those before ANY swap. You could also consider doing some clutch/flywheel work if you're planning on replacing those, but that's not too bad with the engine in the car.


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Thanks. The water pump and timing belt i was already planning on changing but, i didn't even think about the clutch. Thanks alot

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Originally posted by asmallsol@Nov 9 2002, 05:04 PM
if you are ever going to put new internals in like pistons in the future, this would be the time

werd... i am sorry i didnt do it while my engine was out of my car... :(