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Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Dec 17 2002, 12:50 AM
swish != flash.

they are totally f;in different.

swish is good for text.... and thats about it.

doesn't " != " mean is/does not equals test
!= mean "is not equal to". it's used in like if, then statements for web programing mainy ex.

function go() {
if(x != 0) {
alert('x does not = 0');
} else {

get it?

EDIT: sorry it's soo hard to read, i don't know how to tab in the textboxes.
Swish can be saved as swf, so I just call it flash. To each their own. I don't give a #)%$&#@
if you're using swish, then just right click the box and select STOP! i do believe that's all that you need to do!
No, click scene and then go up and Add Action or something like that. then you add Stop. thanks tho