fly by

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i went to a club that is about 70 miles away in a bigger city... and on the way there we are going about 75 ish 80 and we pased a rices out orange civic with tezza's and stickers.... as we passed this fucktard he dropped it in to third and did the ricer fly by..... my buddy drops it in to 4th blow s bye the ricer and gets in front of him slowas down and box the fucker in......... hte ricer started to tail gate us hard core the he did the brake check the civic locked his brake up ..... it was funny shit cuz he stayed be hind up almost the whole way.

on a side note i got home at 5:20 am this morning and i had to work at 10:00 takes 15 minutes to get to work and 15 to get ready so i woke up about 9:20ish.... boy i m fucking tired