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i have an lsvtec b18a block & type r head with the ls tranny. im putting the type r gears & lsd into the ls tranny. what stock flywheel should i use? type r or something else? if anyone can give me a website or info it would be appreciated. thanks
so i also found out that if i go with an aftermarket light-weight flywheel all b18 flywheels have the same part number. so which clutch should i go with if i use
type r gearing and lsd in my ls tranny? type r or ls
i have an oem type-r clutch on my ls,feels pretty nice
if your going aftermarket,it really doesnt matter
what year is your ls though. the aftermarket part numbers for the hydraulic are different from that of the cable ones. my ls is a 91 with cable.
ok cool then ill just get a type r set up then. thanks for the info all