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Originally posted by digglewitz@Jan 6 2003, 03:39 PM
92 Civic Hatch orange, 91 b18a , lowered, sway and tie bars, intake, header, exhaust looking to get 4200 obo email for pics

IF your puting a car for sale, you must show the vin #, not interested but to help you sell it, please post some pics, and also put brands of the stuff you used (lowering springs, shocks, ect.)


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i don't care if you post vin numbers, but post your location and add some pictures.

you'll get more interest from our local members.


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Originally posted by mrzootsuit@Jan 6 2003, 08:24 PM
P.s. try not to be a smart ass and you may have some ppl interested in doing business with you.

it's not really that, it is just being at this site for so long, i kinda know the kind of adds that sell quicker than others, Pictures, brands, vins, locations, stuff like that makes the seller get his money quicker