Found This on Ebay Today

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Because if you don't set a reserve and the bid on you're $20,000 (example) car only reaches $5,000 you just got fuuuucked. And believe it or not, some people WILL bid on an item just out of curiosity about finding the reserve price.


Honda Minion
^^^I understand both of your opinions. Buy WHY????? Would you start the bidding at a certain point AND have a reserve? This is why I am confused. Get what you want out of the first bid and get more if others bid too.

I am pissed off at the owner now. He's more idiotic to me now! Dumb for doing a project 90%+ and quitting....and extra dumb for thinking he will get back such a large percentage of his investment on an incomplete car.


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it gets the bidding started. people think, oh its cheap. then people get in a war over said item (hopefully) and up the price and into the reserve.

if you start it at the reserve, the higher price will scare any bidders off and no one bids at all. thats exactly what happened in the first auction.