FS: 91 HB

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ok, I'm selling my 91 Civic HB STD its in ok shape but I need it to go so I can buy a motor for my SI. So make some offers I'll get some pics up soon, I dunno If anyone even wants to see some pictures of it I'm from Stillwater, MN, or basicaly St. paul, MN let me know?
Come on, anyone from MN want a parts car or somethen? or can ship it too...my buddy knows someone who drives these to diffrent places
it does run but I would be willing to let it go for like $200 if you don't mind me taking the driver side window out because the one on Si is broken out....I will get some pics ASAP
Hmm it would probably be easier to sell and easier for you to get the window from a junkyard.

What works in it? AC?
does it run like ass or something? rusty? more info... yo!!
Sorry for not replying for a while I forgot all about this, The car should be a winter car mostly. its not all that great and has some rust on it....the motor runs great, and the heat works just fine...The radio got stole out of there and the stupid mofo broke apart the dash so I gotta go buy some new stuff for it. But I don't remember how meny miles I believe its under 150, maybe even under140? But I will find that out soon, I've still got it, and can't get ahold of my buddy to ship it, but when he gets back into town I will find out....So if anyone wants this, make an offer, its going to be put up forsale around here as $700 I believe?? but yeah runs and drives great.

Also No AC anymore, but heat, rear Def. works, and I don't know, fan blows.....? I don't know everything works that I can think of, Ohh when you open the doors the dome light doesn't come on....