fuel pump not turning on!!!!!!!!!! Eg civic hatch


Ok my fuel pump aint turning on.. i know the fuel pump works becuase we hooked it up to the battery and it turned on...ok i checked the relay.. and its not that... I dont know what to do??? Is there a fuse for the fuel pump??? is there a ground for the pump???

If its not the relay or the fuel pump itself is its electrical??? maby wires are bad???

Were do i start???

CAN ANYONE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!


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well, there is really only two things that can cause the fuel pump to stop working. The main relay burned out (it doesnt always have to be the bad solder points we always talk about) and melted wires between the relay and the pump....thats about it.


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Did you recently swap your ecu? If so I know the 99-01 units have a vehicle immobilizer device that shuts off the fuel pump.


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i have the same thing in my ef the main relay is is clicking and ecu says 20 FLSHES= ELECTRIC LOAD. AND WIN I PULL THE ALTERNATOR/ SOLENOID VALVE FUSE IT WILL STOP CLICKING


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I vote main relay also. I had same problem in my rex and one side of the contacts in the relay was bad. They are pricey though. Check your ground on your thermostat housing first !!!!!!!