Gallery Open!!!

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:werd: bout time ... it was only in "beta" for 3 months... lol ... j/k ... its up... it works ... it kicks ass :worthy: :worthy:
no more fuckin with sorry ass sites that wont allow off site linking and have gay ass bandwidth limits so only 5 people a day can see the pics :)
I like it, except there doesn't appear to be an easy way to tell who already has an album up...

any thoughts?
I wrote the entire thing myself, with a little help from a script for the thumbnail generation part. but other than that, its all me.

I know the searching sucks...

If you have any ideas on browse features, im open to all ears.
The 2 ways i put up are what I came up with. I search by terms is pretty useless, as the image names all get created into s3213122313123123123.jpg
I though about making a master list-- but as time goes on, it will get freaking huge and prove to be just as useless in searching.

Ideas, thoughts, opinions, etc are all welcome :)

Now donj't use up all our bandwidth! haha
B, I have a quick suggestion, how about a tab at the top of the page that says "gallery" like the articles, turbo, and forums...?
that will be coming ith V 3.0

basically, theres no room for it :(
on the forums, at the bottom of each post where it says pm, email, www, aim.... put a tab that says album or something in that nature
B16 album is up there ;D
Here's an idea. How about linking the gallery to each users profile? You click their name, and underneath all the info will be their gallery?
Originally posted by kylemarhx+Nov 6 2002, 01:27 PM-->
Originally posted by knowledge@Nov 6 2002, 07:20 AM
@Nov 6 2002, 12:08 AM
liquid blaze's painted valve cover and bright yellow painted interior....rice rice baby.

Man people need to stop knocking on peoples rides! Who cares! If they like it then let it be! Maybe he is going for show! Show isn't only looks you HAVE to have performance also! Show is a combo of both! So get of his <=====8

sorry, 'bout knockin' the dude's car. but when i saw the bright yellow interior...i couldn't help it. but hey, i'm sure it would take my stock ass hatch any day....sorry, lates.

Actually guys, I took off all that shit. There is only yellow on my interior which is going to taken out soon when I get my interior redone. I have a new AEM CAI, Chikara Header, No Cat. January comes the turbo on a D16, yeah baby!! I know, could use that money for a B18 but hey, I wanted to be different.

Kylemarhx, don't worry about it. It was rice at the time because I didn't know jack about cars and my friend (V8 guy) convinced me to do it. I sat around hondaswap for a while and was turned off by it. But I am going to put a new carbon fiber valve cover on for christmas.

Thanks, for the backup knowledge!