Getting Hyped!

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whats up guys! its been a while since i have been on here... i moved(again) and my broke ass hasn't gotten the internet yet ;) soon though... ANYWAY ive been cruisin around on here tryin to catch back up and its making me get hyped like hell!
Update: the lude is sitting in the first bay in my dads shop waiting for me to fix all her problems. i have so much to do... as all of you that know who i am surely know- the tranny is a shit box. i have the official word on what is wrong with it though! i havent been able to hit my 2nd gear because of the slider ring on my synchro, 5th gear doesn't work because the slots and pins are wore at an angle which wont allow for it to lock in place. there is a ripped cv boot on the passenger side. POSSIBLY a bad tranny mount. i am also to believe that my O2 sensor is bad.
she is sitting there wounded :(
the interior is being stripped tonight in anticipation of the cage(plus i need to lighten the fatty up!)

in conclusion, driving a 91 chevy fullsize instead of the lude just aint cuttin it lol
anyway... im happy to be back with the HS boys and am looking forward to more fun and knowledge :)
PS- the type s cams are coming sooner than i had hoped :worthy:
feel your pain my ride has been out for a week or so and i "get" to drive an 87 chevy truck. :sleep:
Welcome back. Hope you get that bitch fixed up soon and get your internet up and running, we need some more H-series representin' around here. :D And you suck for getting the Type S cams. :p