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how light weight can i get a 5th gen civic hatch drag guess like 1700 or prolly wrong....any suggestions on weight....i mean stripping everything for just drag car
some of the stuff he did made the car almost un driveable. If you strip the thing down, dont remove the gaugecluster, dash (safty first) and stuff like that. Stuff like removing interior body panels, carpet, sound reducing tar, radio, speakers, ac, light weight seats (a 2 seater is a pain, 1 seater would be even worse) cf hood, cf body panels, cf doors if you would like to remove one of your nuts (shit load of money) fiberglass rear hatch. All of these things add up and they can keep you car still streetable, but for anything CF, expect to spend tons of money.
thanks for the replys...the cr is gonna be a straight drag car just for the the drag strip