so that club i was talking about that opened saturday night, said it was gunna be sick, was insane, but 4 stupid fucking kids overdosed and i think the club is gunna be shut down now, look


PARTY'S OVER: Clubgoers leave Black as police arrive to investigate drug use at the club early yesterday morning.
- N.Y. Post: G.N. Miller
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March 15, 2004 -- Four people were hospitalized for drug overdoses at the hot Hell's Kitchen dance club Black yesterday morning, authorities said.
The incident came within a week of reports that city officials want to shut down Black - formerly known as Club Exit - and another notorious nightclub because they've both been linked to drugs.

Emergency workers were called at 8:35 a.m. to Black at 11th Avenue and West 56th Street in Manhattan, said a Fire Department spokesman.

About two hours later, two men in the club were taken by ambulance to St. Vincent's of Midtown with drug overdoses, and two women also suffering from overdoses were taken to Roosevelt Medical Center, according to the FDNY.

The victims' identities, ages and conditions were not disclosed, nor were the drugs they had been taking. Police shut down the party that had been going on at the club.

"I saw a girl in really bad shape. She was sprawled out like a puddle of water on a stretcher," said clubgoer Paul Bianco, 25, of New Jersey. "I'm surprised this happened at this party. Security was really tight and they thoroughly searched people for drugs."

Thousands of revelers paying up to $60 admission each had crammed into Black's converted warehouse space to celebrate the club's renaming with a party that began at 10 p.m. Saturday night and was scheduled to end yesterday afternoon.

The shindig was hosted by Jonathan Peters, a DJ who also was celebrating his birthday. Peters is well known for his turntable work at the Sound Factory, a Midtown club that was raided and shut down last week.

"Jonathan Peters throws great parties. He spins house music - it's the kind of music people on drugs like to listen to," said a 24-year-old patron from Brooklyn who identified himself as Nick B.

"I'm really pissed off that they raided the party. I spent a lot of money to get in. The last thing I wanted was to get thrown out by the cops."

On Thursday, a state appellate court ruled that police officers who had allegedly made undercover drug purchases at the former Club Exit must be allowed to testify in a way that shielded their identities in open court.

That decision came in connection with an ongoing effort by New York City officials to have the club legally declared a nuisance because of narcotics dealing there, and be closed.

Sound Factory was raided last week by cops and federal agents who arrested the owner and two top security officers on charges of allowing drug peddling in the club.

A lawyer for the club's owner, Richard Grant, said Grant was willing to close Sound Factory as a condition of his bail. The city had tried several times to get Sound Factory closed as a nuisance.


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I hate Clubs. Clubs seem to have a gathering at them, where the people consider more of a home away from home than just a bar. When Liquid in Kansas shut down, I remember girls sitting on the sidewalk crying about it.

Then this little rat hole in New York, who had a vigil for it.

It's silly. You hang out with druggies - Glad they are gone. Move on and find a respectable place to be a regular.

Hell, Start a plan while you're young. Get a pool table, a fridge and build a bar. Keep your friends at your house and invite trustworthy people over. With that in your basement, you can invite girls over (they will come) and you're guaranteed to be in the spotlight. The music is yours, the drinks are cheap and pool is free. And no cops.

Bon Appetit.

-> Steve
so true, but i live in nyc, no room at all, im not into the club scene that much, i like bars, local bars, like my corner, but the boys like the club so thats where we go on weekends, ehh


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$60.00? Did you get head with that at least? I would have expected a free girl for that price. Damn that's a few weeks worth of gas for me.
once again, E-tards ruin it.

60 bucks for a night at the club in NYC is cheap. you people need to go to the city once in your life, and have an $18 hot dog, with a $5 can of pepsi, and a $30 rollex =)
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Mar 16 2004, 12:57 AM
you people need to go to the city once in your life,

I have a few times. It sucks. People smell funny, there's no greenery, and everything's a hustle. Oh, give me a home where the antelope roam...
i hated it for a long time too... but having a roomate that grew up in queens and then just up the island a few train stops, kinda got used to it


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Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Mar 15 2004, 11:57 PM
60 bucks for a night at the club in NYC is cheap. you people need to go to the city once in your life, and have an $18 hot dog, with a $5 can of pepsi, and a $30 rollex =)

Exactly the same in Chicago, but this is the city of the Hot Dog! A good red hot from the corner stand is only about $6 :D


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fuck the drug users......everyone knows the ramifications of drugs, if you gambe and lose its your own damn fault.

Clubs,well they are fun, but I only go roughly 5 times a year - when in dier need of sippy tau..


Originally posted by civicious@Mar 16 2004, 10:18 AM
8:35 AM?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! what is wrong with you people?!?!?!

some of us actually go to bed and wake up at normal times. 2nd shift owns me.


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Im up at around 10AM thats it! And clubs are ghey! I dont even like bars, even though Im 19, I doubt Ill ever go to a bar or club.
okay let me put it this way

ive been to clubs outside of the city, and you cant compare

go to a club like soundfactory or exit, or this new club black,

it starts at like 10 saturday night and doesnt finish untill like 10 sunday night, its called after hours, i dont do drugs, just smoke weed once in a while, who doesnt?
any way
there is no expirience like a city club, theme parties, they have shows, it is the sickest techno and house music out at the time, you have a good vibe, everyone there is out for a good time, you have some idiot druggies, not some id say about 75% are druggies, but the other 25% have the time of their life, its insane,
its 60 dollars to get in after 4 am but if you get there before 4 am its onl 35 dollars, which isnt bad, do you know what its like getting to a club at 12 at night and not leaving till 10 the next night,, its all dark, you go out on the roof for ciggarettes and its dark, then light then dark again, its insane, you see people doing everyday things out on the street from the roof, but your still in the club from the night before, for all you that say clubs and bars are gay, what are the things you find interesting besides cars, im just curious, not trying to be a dick, my .02 :)


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I used to smoke weed. Then I changed. I got with my girlfriend and she doesnt think it's cool, even though I didnt do it to be cool, I just stopped. I still drink once in awhile. But I have drank in about 4 months. Whats the use?